Rockstock 2013




Official Breakdown played the Rockstock 2013 benefit concert on Saturday, Oct 19. The band shared the stage with local youth band favorites: Stolen Thunder, Technical Difficulties, 50 Below, False Puppet, The Caverns and more – plus, the highly anticipated reggae bands Iration and Rebelution. It was an amazing day of music to benefit the Rockshop Academy, and the band was thrilled to be apart of it. 



Gwennie performing The Fratellis cover song, Chelsea Dagger.



Performing Rockstock 2013 with guest guitarist, Cameron Nichoson. Cameron brought so much to the set and we can’t wait to play with him again!


David has become an even  better drummer in this last year, both in ability and intensity. 




William Callender playing bass on Velvet Revolver’s Slither.


Sam ‘Samo’ Osterhage (right) joins the band onstage for Foo Fighter’s My Hero.


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