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Fiesta 2014

This is our band’s fourth year performing at Old Spanish Days Fiesta.Gwennie had oral surgery and was unable to perform, so the boys dedicated the set to her. It included covers by Jimi Hendrix and The Fratellis.

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Fredfest 2014


OBD – Gwennie = East Valley Road



An accidental photo that actually looked cool…



Set list



Will Callender on bass guitar


David laying it down!




Cameron on vocals








Nothing says ‘party’ like a disco ball!





Fredfest originated in the mid-90’s as housewarming party. It turned into an annual event, still going strong 18 years later. The emcee announced at the beginning of the party, ‘If you can hear my voice, then you’re invited over! Bring a dish to share and come join us!’

Gwennie was taking her ACT the day of the event…so the OBD boys played the set as ‘East Valley Road’ and performed covers of Led Zepplin, Hendrix and The Who.

In addition to East Valley Road, the other Fredfest bands were The David Loeppke Band, Sonic Chaos, Nicole Ferrel, Pacific Coast Blues, Lucky Ducks, Undercover, and the Alastair Greene Band.

OBD Plays 2014 Santa Barbara Fair & Expo

We were thrilled to be invited back to the fair for our second year! 2014 was even better than our first time two years earlier with a better time slot and better set. We want to thank our family for coming out and supporting us and for all the great feedback and positive response from the audience!

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Rockstock 2013




Official Breakdown played the Rockstock 2013 benefit concert on Saturday, Oct 19. The band shared the stage with local youth band favorites: Stolen Thunder, Technical Difficulties, 50 Below, False Puppet, The Caverns and more – plus, the highly anticipated reggae bands Iration and Rebelution. It was an amazing day of music to benefit the Rockshop Academy, and the band was thrilled to be apart of it. 



Gwennie performing The Fratellis cover song, Chelsea Dagger.



Performing Rockstock 2013 with guest guitarist, Cameron Nichoson. Cameron brought so much to the set and we can’t wait to play with him again!


David has become an even  better drummer in this last year, both in ability and intensity. 




William Callender playing bass on Velvet Revolver’s Slither.


Sam ‘Samo’ Osterhage (right) joins the band onstage for Foo Fighter’s My Hero.

OBD Plays Skater’s Point

Skater's Point Music Festival supports youth music

Skater’s Point Music Festival supports youth music

Official Breakdown was invited to play the Skater’s Point Music Festival for the second year in a row on Saturday, May 11. It was an awesome event with tons of great youth music and talent! The band had a blast playing for family, friends, skaters and tourists at Skater’s Point. Please be sure to join us at our next event as the concert series continues on Saturday, July 20, 2013. See you there!

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Photos of ROCKSTOCK 2012

Here’s a slide show of the event last Saturday, Oct. 13.

Many thanks to Stacy Christopher for making us feel like such rock stars! A special thank you goes to George Pendergast for inviting Official Breakdown to be one of several youth bands chosen to open for Dishwalla at Rancho Dos Pueblos! We’ll never forget it.

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